Coffee Mike was set up to share my love of coffee with others who have  the same passion

For more than a decade I have been a home roaster who loves coffee and the entire coffee experience from searching for the finest green beans to brewing the perfect cup or pulling the perfect shot of espresso.

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In the Beginning there was Coffee

Some of by earliest recollections of coffee is watching my mother make morning coffee in her Cory vacuum pot.  The sight, sound, and smell of morning coffee was a constant that gave me a warm feeling of security.

Back then coffee came out of a metal can that was opened with a key which wound off a strip, leaving a tight fitting lid and metal body.  My father used the old metal coffee cans to put his hot charcoal into when he was finished grilling, something he seemed to do as often as my mom made coffee.

I never acquired the coffee taste until I was a teenager but I never grew tired of watching the vacuum pot work its magic.

Coffee was always the same coffee tin, same vacuum pot and same amazing aroma every morning.

It was in college when I got introduced to my first cup of REAL coffee made in a Chemex drip. I bought one and my exploration of coffee has not slowed down since then.

Thirty years later I purchased my first coffee roaster. Since then I have only purchased fresh green coffee from every region of the globe.

I roast 2 pounds every 10 days (3 times a month) and only roast for myself.


Blending the Store Stuff

When I was out on my own I ventured into blending different brands of coffee.  I did not know it then but I was just starting my search for something better than what I could find.

Sugar, milk and just about every flavoring I could locate would go into the Chemex I found my first year in college.  Little did I know that my love of Chemex would endure to this day almost half a centurey from my discovery of that marvelous, simple, brew method.


Coffee Roasting

Today I own three coffee roasters and source my beans from around the world. I brew coffee in just about every conceivable contraption known to man

I do not sell coffee and have no desire to become a commercial coffee roaster.  I enjoy the magic of creating small 1-2 pound batches once a week.  I have been know to give coffee away but selling it is something that I do not do.

Follow along in the pages of this web site to read about my love of all things coffee from the bush to the cup